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Q: What should I do if TANK007 flashlight is out of work (for example: burning out, flashing)

A: These problems might be caused by the following reasons:
A)The interconnection of body is not tightened.
B)Surfaces of PCB or screw thread might be dusty.
C)Components of light tail may be dirty or lock plate might be loosened.
D)The battery is low

Please carefully wipe the screw thread, PCB, tail with alcohol, replace the battery or tighten the light head , body, tail, then check if the light can work.

If unresolved, please contact us for repair.

Q: It is very hot when I use the flashlight at highlighted mode, is this normal?

A: Yes, this is normal. The highlighted function is driven by high power energy and inside heat continue to diffuse, which led to heat concentrating on the body, especially at head.

Q: I bought the same model number, but LED emitting color is not all the same, is this normal?

A: It is normal, the LED color and temperature cannot be all the same based on its current manufacturing process.

Q: If my flashlights are working improperly, to whom shall we turn for help?

A: If your product is not working properly,
A) Please contact support@brightuvflashlight.com
B) If the product needs to be returned for repair, please ship the product back and write us in detail the specific problems you have.

Also please remember to leave your name, contact number and delivery address, so that it's easy for us to get back to you. Please confirm with us before returning the products.

If you have any other questions when using our flashlights, feel free to contact us.