TANK007 Releases The First Ultraviolet Flashlight Industry White Paper
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TANK007 Releases The First Ultraviolet Flashlight Industry White Paper
12.10.2021 | Brightuvflashlight | TANK007

Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: TANK007 Explorer), which has been deeply involved in the ultraviolet flashlight industry for more than ten years, released the "Introduction to Ultraviolet Related Technologies and Industrial Applications" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"), focusing on the related user scenarios of ultraviolet flashlights. In the context of the ultraviolet LED industry development and the relevant national industry standards, the paper summarizes its application principles and industrial application directions in an all-round way.

The white paper is divided into three parts: "Introduction to Ultraviolet," "Main Industrial Applications of Ultraviolet," and "Current Market and Future Prospects for Ultraviolet Related Applications". It is a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the application principles and mechanisms of artificial ultraviolet rays in sterilization, medical treatment, curing, fluorescent reaction-based criminal investigation, biological mineral appreciation, non-destructive testing, anti-counterfeiting identification, plant irradiation, trapping and killing pests, photocatalysts, the current market application and future prospects.

The market application of portable ultraviolet irradiation equipment has been developing for decades. With the advancement of semiconductor technology in recent years, ultraviolet LED equipment has been developing vigorously. The release of this white paper will further promote the entire industry, especially for portable lighting. The in-depth development of the portable lighting equipment industry has far-reaching significance.

Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Guangzhongdao") has focused on the production and innovation of professional flashlight production for more than 20 years. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales services altogether. As a leading brand  in the ultraviolet flashlight industry, Tank007 is the equipment supplier of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. The brand covers outdoor, industrial fire protection, law enforcement tactics, criminal investigation, medical, jade appraisal and many other fields.