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TANK007 focuses on high-grade and advanced blacklight flashlights which are professional in terms of detecting leakages, mineral searching and geo-caching while provide you a clear view during forensic and SIP investigation.

TANK007 offers blacklight and mini UV torch light for scorpions, oilleak detection and jade UV flashlight.

We are one of the professional LED flashlight and ultraviolet flashlight production company in the world, producing and testing equipment with more than 21 years of experience in the flashlight domain.

High Power Rechargeable 365nm UV Flashlight

UV-L03C is a portable UV flashlight working with 1*18650 battery, whose duration time is up to 5 hours. It adopts top-level professional UV chip from Korea of precise wavelength and 20,000 hours' lifespan.

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Multiple Types of UV Blacklight

TANK007 UV flashlights series are widely used in CSI, Forensics, NDT, Leak Detection, Anti-counterfeit detection and Security, UV Curing, Treasures and Mineral searching, Geocaching, Amber and beewax finding, Fluorescent materials detection, etc.

High Quality UV Flashlight

We insist on designing and manufacturing high quality and professional LED flashlights, uv torch light, passing comprehensive test to ensure the flashlights meet customer requirements.