Now, many people like to keep a cat or a dog at home. Such small animals can bring them happiness and help them throw away loneliness. But the question is, if the animal pee at home, how to find urine marks? Here, this article will share a solution.

After testing, we found that cat urine in the ultraviolet light under the reaction, so if you have a UV flashlight, it will be easy to find urine marks. So what kind of UV light is most suitable for this job? A 365nm-395nm one is enough.

Portable but workable UV light in Tank007

1. TK566
TK566 UV Flashlight 365nm is one of the most popular UV lamps in Tank007. Many users buy this flashlight to detect pet urine. The lamp is a mini flashlight with only one AA battery running, so it is easy to carry. It adopts Japan UV chip with pure UV light and accurate wavelength.

Short introduction about TK566
LED: Professional UV led from Japan, 1W and 3W, 365nm and 395nm all available
Power source: 1*AA battery. Do not use Li-ion battery
Size (cm): 9.7(length)* 2.1 (body diameter)
Weight (g): 47.8 (excluding batteries)
Switch: End click switch Material: made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061
Reflector: High temperature vacuum coated aluminum mirror reflector
Lens: tempering optical lens
Treatment: premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Waterproof: IPX-8 Anti dropping height: 1.5 m
Color: black

F2 is a good choice for home use. It is a dual LED flashlight, that is, there is a white LED on the head and an ultraviolet LED. So, you can use it at night to light up and check pet urine if necessary.

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