What shall we carry when we go camping? The following equipment covers a wide range of camping / camping equipment, you can choose according to your own needs, carry. The following is a brief but comprehensive introduction from camp selection, tent construction, item application and accident handling, and hope to help you.

Camping equipment list:
1. Tent
2. sleeping bags
3. moisture pad to sleep more quality
4. skin windbreaker with wind and water and good ventilation, summer and autumn travel must be
5. quick sweater sweat can be quickly transferred to the clothes surface and then evaporate quick-drying, trousers sleeves removable Better
6. Sweat underwear light-colored underwear less heat, suitable for hot days
7. Jackets, soft shell Jackets, fleece, down jacket or winter clothing or go to the plateau of the necessary warmth
8. hiking Shoes wear waterproof
9. Sports shoes,
10. drained socks or ordinary sports socks
11. 45-80L large backpack for long trip, female Need to 55L or so, the boys need more than 65L; 2.15-30L small backpack for short-distance travel or long-distance backup, there is a certain burden;
12. Headlight or flashlight for outdoor camping lighting equipment is very important, headlights than hand-held convenience , You can let your hands, as well as the role of night warning

13. Stove .In the field camping, it is easier to cook with a stove than the campfire, and can be used in any environment. Most of the market for the gas stove head and tank burner. Oil tank burner is more suitable for alpine snow, the conventional situation to select the gasket burner is better;

14. Fuel if you do not want to furnish when the furnishings, must remember to bring it;
15. 3 sets of pot, large, medium and small three pot Set together, with a small bowl, spoon, cup, etc., the best use of hanging up the cold area;
16. Multi-function knife can be equipped with a similar Swiss knife multi-purpose knife, use a lot.
17. 【Water tools】 1. The cup mainly contains the boobies and large-capacity warm-up or ordinary cups, which can be heated by the burner. 2. The water bag can replenish the water several times and, if necessary, it can be used as hanging shower device.

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