Summary: Sometimes people may need super bright flashlight, for example, 1000 lumen flashlight. This article will share you some knowledge about choosing super bright LED flashlight. 

Sometimes, people need super bright flashlight, for example, when they are searching something or somebody outside. So, what is super bright LED flashlight? Do you know how bright is super bright?

In fact, people do not have a consistent conclusion about super bright, many people say 500 lumen is super bright, some think 1000 lumen or so is super bright. Here I will not argue this issue with you but share you something about such flashlight.

Flashlight lovers or enthusiasts may value the quality of LED flashlight, but different flashlights have different features, so, before you choose a bright flashlight, you need to know something different.

Reflector. Generally speaking, the more powerful the flashlight is, the deeper reflector it needs. Super bright LED flashlight need to three beam in long distance, so, the deep reflector is needed.

LED bulb. To produce super bright light, for example, 1000 lumen, the flashlight has high requirements of LED bulb. After all, low quality LED may cannot last long when add strong current to it.

Battery. The battery is the heart of a flashlight, it is the physical core of the flashlight, only good battery can ensure flashlight to use normally.

Body. Aluminum aluminum alloy material is recommended. The brighter the flashlight is, the fast it gets hot. To dissipate the heat, aluminum is the best choiceThe high thermal conductivity of aluminum, which is three times higher than iron, makes aluminum good to shed heat on the flashlight.

Here are some advice about choosing battery:

First, the battery capacity: a lot of the battery marks 4600mAh, 5400mAh, 6800mAh, however, the actual capacity of 18650 battery production is not so high, generally its actual capacity is only 2000mAh so, few exceed 2200mAh. Manufactured with some special technique, TANK007 18650 battery capacity can up to 2600mAh.

Second, the battery weight: the good quality battery weighs 40g or more, or the battery weight may be only about 30g.

Third, the battery price: generally, the more expensive the battery is, the better the battery is.

Tacteagle super bright flashlight-TR08- 1000 lumne flashlight

1. CREE XM-L T6 high efficiency reflector which can throw an even beam spot

2. Suitable for police, searching, outdoor activities,underwater working, etc.

3. 500 meters beam distance on the ground and 10 meters in water

4. Revolving magnetic dimmer, easily operated with one hand.

5.Tactical head design for self-defense purpose in outdoor activities.

100 lumen flashlight


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