Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlights

Rechargeable super bright flashlights are now commonly for some special purposes, such as outdoor searching, outdoor rescue, heavy duty, etc.. but now, some common users also purchase such kind of flashlight for outdoor activities since they can change modes on the flashlight.

As the manufacturing process develops, flashlights become more powerful, and get more features, for example, waterproof performance. Now, most rechargeable tactical flashlights are fully sealed with o-rings in key parts so that the flashlights can resist water, dust, etc., Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof are the three major features of most tactics, heavy flashlights, which are also the biggest reason why most people prefer to use cheap, short-lasting flashlights.

Many clients love rechargeable super bright flashlights because they can save lots of money on battery. They usually have two rechargeable batteries when they purchase a flashlight. These types of flashlights differ in price because each model may have different functions.

So, does this mean that, the more expensive the flashlight is, the flashlight faster the flashlight can be fully charged? It depends. Generally speaking, if the flashlight is more expensive, it is better in some performance including charging speed, but not all.

Tank007 rechargeable super bright flashlights are made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, include all the features mentioned above: waterproof, shockproof, dustproof.

Most popular Tank007 rechargeable super bright flashlights recommended
Tank007 PT40 is one of the most popular rechargeable super bright flashlights in our product line.

The key features are as follow,
1. PT40 is a portable and high power XM-L2 (U2) LED Flashlight which with max brightness of 1000lumens. It’s a first choice for police, searching, outdoors and camping etc.
2. Long duration can meet your long-time of lighting requirement.
3. Tactical tail on/off switch for easy operation, aesthetic and durable
4. Specially design of high-efficiency optical aluminum reflector to achieve an excellent and smooth beam
5. Scientific structure design. Exquisite workmanship
6. Constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness

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