Many people like outdoors. When we go out, we will need to be better prepared for some of the necessary tools, where the outdoor waterproof flashlight is in the list. Different activities require different lighting tools, so you will get a flashlight for most of your loved ones activities. The following are some of the common features you need to be aware of when buying an outdoor flashlight.

Running time: We cannot carry a lot of batteries when we go out, so try to use high efficiency flashlight to ensure sufficient brightness and long running time. It is best to have a flashlight low light mode that can last for several tens of hours, in order to prepare for extreme situations, the flashlight can provide lights for several nights. Outdoor flashlight operating life depends on the battery, generally the best rechargeable lithium battery, ordinary nickel-metal hydride batteries can be an emergency backup.

Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof flashlight is ideal, the better waterproof. In a sense, waterproofing is also part of the outdoor reliability content.

Lights: generally for the LED lights. This is the industry’s general law, no other bulbs in terms of brightness and energy consumption are beyond it. LED is a high-precision, long-distance, long-life mainstream technology products.

Lighting brightness: outdoor activities, the environment is complex, what will happen, in the case of high brightness lighting, clearly see the front of the flashlight is powerless is very dangerous. Therefore, the high-brightness flashlight is essential for lighting tools, especially for unfamiliar parts to explore, the maximum brightness of the highest flashlight more than 700 lumens.

Small size: outdoor flashlight as small as possible, light weight, easy to carry, save the body, the general personal home lighting flashlight best control in less than 100 grams. Of course, light outdoor flashlights require greater spending on weight and volume.

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