hunt scorpion

Scorpion, because of its rich nutrition and medicinal value, is loved by more and more people, especially wild scorpions with higher medicinal value. The following article describes the skills to hunt scorpion, complete personal experience, for reference only.

To hunt scorpion, you need to prepare a fluorescent lamp or UV flashlight, tweezers and a bottle to keep the scorpion. Mineral water bottles can do, but the general proposal to use the bottles with bigger mouth, which are more secure. If your operation is not skilled, you can also wear a pair of gloves, so to prevent accident, for example, the scorpion fell on your body.

About Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp or UV flashlight can be bought in the general hardware stores, and tell the owner before the flashlight is to hunt scorpion, the price is generally about 20 dollars.

When fluorescent light shine the scorpion, there will be the following scenes, scorpion shines fluorescence and let you obviously distinguish with anything around.

Attention to arrest:
1, when you see the scorpion, pay attention not to disturb the scorpion, generally scorpion moves fast, so be careful to close.
2, Your movement must be fast, when fix the target, the tweezers at the scorpion,and immediately pinch, or scorpion will immediately flee.
3, do not use tweezers too tightly, or you may directly hit the scorpion, not easy to use.

Location selection:
Scorpions generally like a little wet walls or rocks below the gathering, usually appear at night. In the old house wall, it will be easy to see the scorpion.

About hunting scorpions:

If only for personal use, you can catch the wild scorpion, but do not recommend hunting scorpion to sell money, scorpion is part of the ecological chain, mainly eating insects, it cannot be large-scale arrest. This point, to keep in mind

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