In our modern life, it is very common to use LED flashlight with solid light shell as daily use. The choice of LED flashlight, I need to consider a lot of factors, flashlight related performance is also must be considered. Today I will give you a brief introduction to the common LED flashlight selection as per performance indicators

1, focus, by the light cup (also known as the light cup) to control the same current, the farther the greater the focus of the lamp cup, the depth of the lamp cup and reflect the arc are very important, reflective components are generally divided into lens and reflective. Reflective also contains the surface smooth and orange peel surface of the cup. Brightness of flashlight with orange peel light cup, mainly is determined by the LED chip, the flashlights with same chip, even if the lamp cup and the circuit design are different, but in fact the brightness difference will not be a qualitative leap.

2, light color, solar light’s color temperature between 4000 ~ 5500K, the best color strength. If it is greater than 5500K , it is cold light with a little blue, penetrating force gets weaker; that is less than 4000K is warm light with a little yellow, penetrating power getting stronger. Smooth cup can get a large area of ​​floodlight, but the orange peel cup will have a lot of brightness loss.

3, hardness, many fans said HA3 standard, this is not referring to the hardness of the flashlight shell, flashlight shell is generally made of aluminum, very few titanium and zirconium alloy, the meaning of this standard is actually refers to the metal coating Layer’s hardness.

4, waterproof and life time The performance as long as the rain can be used to meet the outdoor shower, diving diving professional toys. The pursuit of bright, with 18650 lithium, power 3W, current 750MA, endurance for about 3 hours, with charging AA batteries, discharge current 2A or so, endurance for about 1 hour, with high quality 2200MAH alkaline AA batteries, discharge current at 1A or so , Life for about 2 hours.

5, the circuit stalls, high, medium and low third gear has been enough, burst flash and SOS is optional, low brightness can extend the battery life and reduce operating temperature.