Summary:  This article will list some featured & best EDC flashlights and keychain flashlights in Tacteagle store, and share some ideas about how to choose good flashlights.

Featured items



Outdoor Portable Flashlight E3

Outdoor Portable Flashlight E03

Tank007 E03 is an excellent EDC flashlight, with the stainless steel body, it is in deed a high-end flashlight. The LED bulb is USA Cree R5 LED whose life span is up to 100,000 hours. Brightness up to 180lumen and beam distance is around 120meters.


E07 R5 Outdoor Portable Flashlight

As a mini flashlight powered by 1 AA battery, E07 could be a good EDC flashlight, aluminum alloy body, Cree LED whose life span is up to 100,000 hours, 110lumen at high mode. Golden copper ring makes it grace and noble. A small key-ring at the tail, convenient for carrying keys.


Mini Keychain Flashlight E09

1. A good keychain flashlight of high brightness; 2.Twist head switch for easy one-hand operation;3.Three brightness modes, highest mode reaches 120 lumens. 4 . R3 LED bulb with lifespan of 100,000hours, 5. Powered by One AAA battery. 6. 33 minutes burn time at high mode, 95 minutes at middle mode and 1020 minutes at low mode.


In flashlight industry, EDC in the term EDC flashlight is short for everyday carry, therefore, the “EDC flashlight” we talk about refers to the flashlight that is portable to carry everyday.

When it comes to EDC flashlight, people have different definition. Some people take all portable flashlights as EDC flashlights, some thinks only mini flashlight and keychain flashlights are everyday carry flashlights. So, what’s your opinion? As far as I am concerned, I agree with the second group.

In my opinion, “Everyday carry” means the item can be carried everyday and anywhere with little effort; but “Portable” means it is convenient to carry the item. So, the two terms has slight difference. That’s why I thinks mini flashlight and keychain flashlight fall into EDC flashlight category.  What do you think about them?

Anyway, we need to know that “EDC” has a broad meaning in people’s mind. Therefore, here, this article will including both portable and mini flashlights.

Portable flashlights include that are mainly used outdoor and at home. For outdoor uses, for example, searching, camping, hiking, cycling, etc,. you should take many aspects into account when you choose the flashlight. Here are some advice:

  1. It is unavoidable that the flashlight drops or shocks on the way. Good material is anti-drop and –shock, which can ensure the flashlight not easily broken.
  2. If the flashlight is not waterproof, you can image what may happen when it is rain when you are in the middle way.
  3. Burn time. No doubt, the longer, the better.
  4. Do not think the brighter, the better. After all, you need to pay for the brightness at night. You’d better choose the flashlight that has different modes so that you can change brightness according to your needs.

As for household EDC flashlight, you do not need to require too much  for the it is kept all the time.

Mini and keychain flashlights. As they are small in size,