You must have seen a flashlight with light in different color. If you are like me, then you wanna know why they are there. Perhaps you think these colored lights exist only for the sake of beauty or fun, then you think too simply, because different color beams have practical applications. Take a look:

Blue: When tracking the injured animal via blood, the hunter usually uses blue light. It is difficult to notice blood in white (and apparently red) light, but it is easier to see under blue light. Blu-ray is also better used for fog than white light.

Green: For hunters and fishermen, the green light is very good, because they are unlikely to play the game. Some people say it is because some animals are harder to see green than white or other colors of light.

Red: Red may be the most common LED color you see. I have a headlamp which I often for camping and backpack, it has some different settings, including a red LED. At first I did not know what the red light was, so I totally avoided using it. But it turns out that the red light can help you keep your night vision, so they are ideal for carrying camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting or anywhere else. Some people say they are also great in the black smoke environment.

Ultraviolet light: Ultraviolet light has many different applications, here are some:

◆ Check the leaks for air conditioner and automobile circulatory system
◆ Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
◆ Treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal
◆ Ink curing and glue curing.
◆ Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
◆ Gas leaks inspection
◆ Fluorescent reflection of special materials

So, do you know the uses of different colored beams?

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