Hey, do you know what is the brightest flashlight in the world?

This question is hard to answer for even we can Google “The brightest flashlights in the world”, and find many results, but the results are only for reference, and they may not be right for not all flashlight manufacturers have posted their products online, therefore, we cannot tell what are the best flashlights in the world. But we can show you the brightest rechargeable flashlight ever in our store.

Based on our experience (about 15 years) of manufacturing flashlights, the brightest flashlight we have ever seen in the market and manufactured by us is TX51,which can throw light up to 2800 lumen.

TX51 is the most powerful flashlight we ever made. This flashlight is specially made “Brightest handheld flashlight” for outdoor searching and diving. It can three beam up to 500 meters.

This TX51 can be called a super bright flashlight. Since such flashlights are made for special purposes, they are not used widely. Compared with the 2800 lumen flashlights, 1000 lumen ones are more popular. Here, TR08 is a good choice.

TR08 uses USA Cree XM-L T6 LED bulb with the lifespan of 8000 hours. The max brightness is 1000 lumen, the longest beam distance is 500 meters.

Someone may need “The brightest pocket flashlight”. Since the pocket flashlights uses only 1xAAA battery, the brightness may be around 100 lumen. Here, I recommend E09 to you.

Short overview of E09:

  • Brand & Model: USA Cree XP-E R3
  • LED Lifespan: above 100,000 hours
  • Max Brightness: 120 lumens
  • Throw Beam: 80 m


  • A high power led flashlight that can throw 1000 lumen light up to 500 meters.
  • LED Brand & Model: USA Cree XM-L T6
  • LED Lifespan: above 80,000 hours
  • Power Source: 2*18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Burn Time: high light- 2.5 hours;




  • The most powerful flashlight in Tacteagle.
  • Brightness up to 2800 lumen.
  • Lamp uses three XM-L T6.
  • Beam distance: 500m
  • Suitable for military, police, searching hunting, and other outdoor activities