Summary: This page lists some featured emergency flashlights from Tacteagle online store, including super bright flashlights, and the common ones with SOS mode. At the end, you will find some tips to choose emergency flashlights.


  • A high power led flashlight that can throw 1000 lumen light up to 500 meters.
  • LED Brand & Model: USA Cree XM-L T6
  • LED Lifespan: above 80,000 hours
  • Power Source: 2*18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Burn Time: high light- 2.5 hours;



E07 R5 Outdoor Portable Flashlight

As a mini flashlight powered by 1 AA battery, E07 could be a good EDC flashlight, aluminum alloy body, Cree LED whose life span is up to 100,000 hours, 110lumen at high mode. Golden copper ring makes it grace and noble. A small key-ring at the tail, convenient for carrying keys.


Many people love carrying a flashlight with them when they are in travel, not only because the flashlight can provide light at night, but can save them in dark. That’s why now many flashlights have SOS mode. Many people call such flashlight as emergency flashlight.

After all, SOS mode is seldom use as people are safe all the time even they go out, so, there is few special engineered emergency flashlights, but most flashlights now include SOS mode.

In addition, emergency includes many conditions, for example, someone’s child is missing in the dark, and he or she need to search the child; he or she get lost in a forest and want to find the way out at night, etc.. In these conditions, common flashlights without SOS mode are the best emergency flashlights.

Tips to choose emergency LED flashlights

1. Durable. The flashlight must be durable, or if it is dead, it would be difficult for you to get out of the emergency.
2. Bright enough. Image that if the flashlight is not bright enough, when it is in SOS mode, it may not been easily seen by others, which may make the rescue difficult.
3. Waterproof. It is important that the emergency flashlight is waterproof. It is hard to avoid go out on rainy days, so, the waterproof performance is important.
4. Anti-impact. You may not be able to hold the flashlight tightly enough to keep it from dropping when you are running for your life in emergency, therefore, the flashlight need to be anti-impact.


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