Tent – personally think that a big tent is needed. If you are the first to ride a tent, I suggest you’d better arrive at the camp during the day! Extra tent nails are always handy! Always put your tents properly wrapped up, otherwise you may regret the next camping trip! Always keep your tent dry – put it on your windowsill and put it in the garden. Do not put it in your car, a damp tent will be stinking next year when you get it.

To create a separate camp storage box, packaging your tableware, matches, spare batteries, sunbathing, insect spray, spare nails, ketchup, coffee, tea bags, cling film, foil, long life food, spices, oil and many more. And then you need to do is throw it in the car, put them in sleeping bags, tents and bed, almost finished. Quickly stop at the farm and you eat dinner. If you come up with trouble and prepare for the time, you will go to work more frequently.

Camping chair – more important than tent, for sitting on the ground will soon become boring.

Great sleeping bag – in the wild, it becomes very cold some nights, so a good sleeping bag can make a great difference between camping experience and disaster. Also pay an extra blanket!

A pot of cooking pots – you want them to be lightweight, durable and easy to clean. You need a frying pan, four pots, cutlery and accessories. If you bring your own pot and pot, it will not only take half the car, but you will eventually destroy them because they are not suitable for camping cooking. So you have to choose a good suit.

Light. Headlights, lamps and flashlights as well as spare batteries. It sounds obvious, but it is inconceivable to swing with a flashlight and a flat battery to our campsite.

Clothing. Clothes are the key to camping. Wear warm clothes in the morning, and then stratify when the sun comes out, you can remove them and absorb some of the vitamin D. Also install a hat around the bonfire, especially if you like me like the challenge.
Good pocket knife or multi-tool.Quite self-evident. There is always a tin to open, to cut something or a cotton candy bar trim. I have a leather division and they are very highly appraised by them.
Matches, lighters and candles. But make sure you do not reveal a bright flame in your tent.
First aid kit – always a good idea of headache / anti-inflammatory drugs, plaster, antiseptic cream, eye drops and so on.
Single burner camping gas stove and small kettle – ideal for morning coffee.