E09 Mini Portable Flashlight

FEATURES: E09 is an ultra-portable Mini flashlight, and its weight is almost negligible, which provides great convenience for your outdoor activities. E09’s duration is long, so that you do not have to worry about the electricity problem. Head rotation, one-hand

PT12 High Power Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Overview PT12 is a high power tactical LED flashlight,with high brightness and medium volume. it is suitable for military, police, seaqrching, outdoors, camping, riding, etc. Relatively longer burning time can meet you long time lighting need. With a specially desgned

TK566 UV Flashlight

TK566 UV LED Flashlight FEATURES: It adopts top-level professional UV chip from Japan of precise wavelength and 20,000 hours’ lifespan. 2.UV flashlight has multiple use as below: ◆ Check the leaks for air conditioner and automobile circulatory system ◆ Mark

UC17 USB Rechargeable led Flashlight

FEATURES: 1.UC17 is high mini rechargeable led flashlight, which is suitable for riding, outdoor camping and searching. 2.Charging with indicator function, red is not full of electricity, green represents a full charge. 3..Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness. The flashlights has memory

TC18 High Power Rechargeable Flashlight

Features: TC18 is a high power and brightness LED flashlight. It features focusing, directly charging, and magnet. This flashlight is designed and manufactured according to Chinese police flashlight standard, and is best for military, police, outdoor searching and rescuing, camping,

Rechargeable Flashlight UC20 1000lumen

Features UC20 is a good tactical flashlight can be used as a powerbank to charge other digital products like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and so on. It is a high power LED tactical flashlight powered by 1*26650 li-ion battery, which ensures

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Tacteagle is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing strong LED flashlight. The product lines including different types of flashlight such as EDC (every day carry) flashlight, UV flashlight, Fishing flashlight, tactical flashlight, etc. Read more

Quality High Power Flashlight

Our group are using Tank007 police flashlights, and find them very helpful, durable. Tank007 flashlights are our good companions !

Jeff Lee A police in USA